The Revenge The Women Take On This Utterly Charmless Man Become Rather Entertaining.


Release Date: April 2014
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Running Time: 109 minutes
Genres: Romance/Comedy (Chick Flick)
Cast: Cameron Diaz (Carly), Kate Upton (Amber), Leslie Mann (Kate), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Mark)

When we first meet them, both Kate (Mann) and Carly (Diaz) believe they are happy women, because they are both under the spell, such as it is, of Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a man with all the inscrutable charisma of a tennis ball with a face drawn on it. The two women are complete opposites. Kate is portrayed as a goofy housewife and Carly the business woman. The beginning of the movie is slow and only starts to pick up when the friendship between Kate (Leslie) and Carly (Cameron) develops. The two realise that they are not the only ones in a relationship with Leslie’s husband Nikolaj.



Once the two women learn about each other Kate starts to stalk Carly. This blossoms into a strange friendship. In reality the wife never befriends the mistress but let’s not dabble on that. During their surveillance of Mark they learn he has more than just one mistress. This is where Amber enters the picture. She plays as the big breasted stupid mistress. The three women then begin to seek revenge and destroy the life of Mark. The three women then start to plot to have their revenge. Hell hath no fury as the wrath of a woman scorned. The three women fit in rather strangely with each other as one is stupid (Amber) the other is serious (Carly) and then the fun one (Kate).

The acting from Cameron Diaz is rather disappointing. Leslie Mann saves the movie with her quirks. A lot of the comedy parts are conceptually odious. It becomes sad to see that such good actors end up playing such bad roles. The revenge the women take on this utterly charmless man become rather entertaining.


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Throughout the movie there are scenes very chick flick like. Luckily these are outweighed by the comedy parts. It does however leave an impression in the minds of men contemplating to cheat on their wives.

I rate this chick flick as a 6/10. Not the kind of movie you watch more than once.